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Hi there.

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I am passionate about understanding the science behind people and business. I have been coaching and facilitating workshops (public and private) in Houston, TX for over 10 years. My clients have included just about everyone... the bread baker, the start-up CFO, and the Fortune 500 VP.

Over the years, I have learned the big picture of the unique talent challenges facing business in the modern technology advancing world. I work with companies and career individuals to educate and level these challenges in order to optimize career success.

Regarding my background, Here's the break-down:


Job Search Consulting

Branding/ Storytelling

Talent Management

MS degree in Instructional Technology. Corporate trainer/learning and development specialist for 8 years. Consultant for face to face (F2F) and computer-based training (CBTs) for large corporations and nonprofits. Conducting public workshops for over 12 years.   

10+ years of search engine optimization (SEO), wordsmithing, marketing, and project management. 6+ years of job search consultancy. Coaching style is a unique blend of goal-oriented methods including market assessment, keyword, and marketing analysis. 

The backbone of my career. BS in Public Health. Began career in marketing of difficult life choices (nutrition and exercise). Moved on to branding corporate departments, initiatives and even companies.  Started 4 companies & watched them grow to meet all their initial goals. 

My Passion. My Love. My Strong Suit. Corporate HR experience: hiring, outplacement, onboarding, talent pipelines, & employee development. I  coach individual clients to identify and enhance existing talent as well as build new skills. I consult with corporate clients on how to optimize talent performance through clear learning objectives, strategic networking, and people/relationship analytics.

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